Stick ’em Jimmy, stick ’em

We all love the NFL.  It’s fun to watch.  And for some team’s fans, it’s fun to root for our teams (especially, yes, sigh, the PATRIOTS).  But most of the teams just plain suck, year in, year out.  It’s sad to be a fan of one of these teams and these losers deserve all the heckling they get.

However, there is one team’s fans in particular who deserve the most shame and ridicule.  Yes, the pathetic colts.  No team has ever fallen into the 1st pick with a guaranteed lock franchise QB 2 times in a row…TWO TIMES IN A ROW!!!  OK, OK, they didn’t fall into it but cheated their way to the bottom of the barrel…but still!  Given this incredible gift of luck (no pun intended, seriously), yet they squander it away like a petulant little spoiled brat who was given everything as a child, inherited a billion dollar enterprise, and pissed it all away.

Hmm, colts fans, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Well, I’m here to remind you what terrible losers you are for following your drug addled leader and you belong right next to him in the sewer of the NFL dregs, the sewer of life.  You all suck and the rest of us think it’s pretty funny 🙂


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